Food Douche is In

Okay, so here it is. If you need help to find a place to eat, check this shit out. I will try to update this space with reviews of local restaurants. Why the name "Food Douche"? Well, because I am a pretentious douchebag and I love to eat at pretentious restaurants. So spare me now for what soon will be seen as blatant hypocrisy.

I will try to be honest in my reviews, both in content and in language. However, I will try to limit the amount of c-bombs, t-words, and general references to f-j's.

What are my credentials, you ask? Well let me answer in two parts. 1.) Fuck you, and 2.) I have been fat my whole life, with a lot of that extra poundage coming from dining out frequently and too excess. Some call it being a foodie, others "a gourmand"; but let's not mince words here: food douche is more appropriate.

So there it is. You can request reviews, but I will probably ignore you. Unless you pay for my meal. Than I am down.